Boogat Makes His CSPS Debut
By Lily Allen-Duenas
Photo by Charles “Rain” Black

Making his CSPS debut, Latin American rapper and hip-hop artist Boogat thrilled a large audience on September 16, 2015. On the first stop on his Midwest tour, Boogat brought energy and enthusiasm to the second day of CSPS’s Landfall Festival of World Music.

Backed up by a drummer, a percussionist, a guitarist, and a trombone/trumpet player, Boogat handled the effects on his laptop and brought the fast-paced, rapid-fire lyrics. Rapping entirely in Spanish, Boogat’s explosive lyrics transcended the language barrier through sheer emotional force.

It was near impossible to keep from moving– nodding heads, tapping toes, swaying in seats. Everyone couldn’t help but move to the scintillating music. A special moment between the audience and Boogat occurred when he gave his fellow musicians and the sound crew a break and sat on the stage between two monitors and delivered an acapella version of his song, “Los Amigos De Mis Padres.” It’s a song he wrote about his parent’s friends, Latin American immigrants who made many sacrifices, and came to Canada only to be met with more trials and tribulations. Powerful and personal, Boogat’s emphatic poem delivered a dose of reality to an evening of dancing and loud beats.

Midway through his set, Boogat entreated the audience to make their way to the dancefloor; his request was met with enthusiasm, as half the audience flanked the stage and danced for the remainder of his hour-long set.

Energetic and expressive, Boogat was given a standing ovation and cheered onto the stage for an encore, comprised of one song: “Los Amigos De Mis Padres,” this time rapped and accompanied by his fellow musicians.

Landfall Festival of World Music continues through September 19, 2015 at various locations in Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Des Moines. For a full calendar of events, please visit:

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