Gaelic Storm Comes to Englert Theatre

By Russ Fagle @russfagle

St. Patrick’s Day is being extended in the Corridor this year, musically anyway. Just five days after the popular holiday, the Celtic band Gaelic Storm will arrive in Iowa City’s Englert Theatre to swirl-up a diverse blend of contemporary and traditional Celtic styled music that is sure to keep ‘eyes - and ears - a smilin’.

One of the great benefits of living in the Corridor is that we are at the halfway point of many of the larger Midwestern cities. Touring bands find convenient stops here on their way to those cities after playing a previous night. The same is with Gaelic Storm, as they come off a St. Paul MN performance and they land in Iowa City enroute to St. Louis promoting their 2015 album, Matching Sweaters. It will be a show you should consider coming out to.

Gaelic Storm is a California-based band of Americans with Celtic heritage and a love for the happy, accessible melodies of the Celtic music genre- which just happens to put them in the vast majority of Americans. The band has an impressive history of nearly 20 years and over 3000 live performances. While they sport an impressive list of albums filled with original material, they are a self described touring band who thrives on live performance as the essence of who they are. This is especially apt for a Celtic band, as this style of music has a rich history developing over thousands of years as played by common people in humble settings in small communities across the British Isles, Wales, Scotland and of course Ireland. This lively musical style has become ingrained as a defining facet of the collective Celtic culture. Gaelic Storm’s musical repertoire relies heavily on this rich tradition of Celtic folk music. The band has incorporated elements of bluegrass, country, rock and world grooves into its style and sound which is not unlike much American music as a whole that has grown from seeds of often European folk musical roots. This style of music is meant to be enjoyed live and with energy. Sea chanties, fiddle laced jigs and melodic sing-along songs are a staple of a Gaelic Storm performance as well as twists and turns into sometimes unexpected touches of contemporary music. The good-natured and often hilarious stories told in many of these songs is a treasure and is in keeping with the famous Irish brand of bawdy good-natured humor. The music of Gaelic Storm is about the stories of everyday people experiencing the ups and downs of life while smiling through most of it. Consider extending the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day this year with this lively entertaining band at the Englert Theatre.

Tickets for the Wednesday, March 22 performance at 7:00 pm are $36.50 and are available at or by call The Englert Theatre at 319.688.2653.

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