1.  Dying Easter Eggs.
The old-fashioned way! No store-bought fancy stuff here - just good ole food coloring, vinegar, and crayons!

2.  Plant Jelly Beans.
The night before Easter, plant jelly beans outside. The next morning, with a little bunny magic, lollipops have grown in their place!

3.  Bunny Mess.
That messy bunny always leaves trails of Easter grass when checking on the kids sleeping. Sure hope those rooms are clean!

4.  Bunny Poop.
In the morning, your kids may find a few piles of Easter grass with a few black jelly beans. (Bunny Poop). The kids always get a giggle out of this one.

5. Hidden Baskets. 
Yep, that bunny hides them. Every. Single. Year. Even my husband has a basket. And you know what? When my kids come home to visit in their 30’s - they will STILL have to look for their baskets.

6.  Special Easter Surprise. 
Each kiddo has their very own ceramic decorative covered dish where they will find their favorite candy. Candy so special that it won’t even be in their baskets.

7. Easter Egg Hunt.
Every year that bunny hides eggs in the backyard full of jelly beans, loose change, and a few dollar bills. You might even find some with cherry tomatoes, carrots, and broccoli tops! Now that my kids are older, they are a bit more competitive and giggle at whoever gets the ones with veggies.

8. Easter Buffet.  
After all of the fun morning activities, we put out an all day buffet with an array of foods including ham, deviled eggs, stuffed dates, spring vegetables, and other appetizers. After all, this bunny is tired and its time to relax and enjoy.
Non-Candy Easter Egg and Basket Ideas:
Think you can’t have an Easter basket without candy? Think again!

Filling a basket is more expensive when you use mostly non-candy items, but the trick is to fill it with items you were planning to buy anyway. Fun socks, new swimsuit, movies, toys for summer, new toothbrush or hairbrush, the list is endless so here are some ideas to get you started:

For the Plastic Eggs
• Coins • Mini bubbles • Hair bands
• Craft materials like loom bands or glitter
• Slime beads • Erasers in fun shapes
• Flavored lip balm
• LEGO pieces (buy a small set and separate them into individual eggs)
• Temporary Tattoos • Stickers
• Raw veggies (Carrot stick, broccoli floret, cherry tomato)

Summer Items
• Sidewalk Chalk • Sunglasses • Flip flops or Crocs
• Swimsuit • Squirt guns • Jump rope
• Bug catcher kits • Kite

•Trading cards: Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, football, baseball, basketball, etc.
•Action figures: TMNT, superheroes, GI Joe, Star Wars, etc.
•Matchbox or Hot Wheels cars

• Nail polish, art pens, stickers, jewels, or other nail accessories
• Hair bows, ribbons, barrettes, headbands, and other accessories
• Makeup (play or real, depending on the age)
• Jewelry (play or real, depending on the age)
Crafty Kid
• Duct Tape or Washi Tapi • Mini play dough tubs
• Pompoms • Googly eyes • Glitter glue
• Chenille stems • Foam stickers
• Stamper Set
• Paint-by-numbers set

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