Happy Together Tour makes sold-out stop in Riverside Iowa!

Photos and review by Kim Reed

I didn’t smell any patchouli or incense as the Happy Together Tour 2015 hit the stage at Riverside Casino & Golf Resort in front of a sold-out crowd.  But what the air was filled with instead was plenty of sing-alongs and the good vibes of the Sixties. Nostalgia was rampant as the cavalcade of stars, including The Buckinghams, The Cowsills (who The Partridge Family tv show was modeled after), The Grass Roots, The Association, Mark Lindsay of Paul Revere and The Raiders, and headliners/organizers The Turtles, took their turns on stage for the two-hour extravaganza. A talented team of four backing musicians helped each group through their paces as they pulled out the cream of their respective recording catalogs. Each band was in high spirits and they freely reminisced, joked with each other, and genuinely enjoying sharing their music and memories with their fans. Happy Together in an annual tour put together by Turtles founders Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman. Fortunately, their alter egos Flo & Eddie found their way onstage during the evening as well. It brought back memories of seeing them at the Sydney Town Hall in the 70’s when their show was outrageous, irreverent, and simply brilliant. It wasn’t until the end of the show at Riverside Casino when an extended finale of “Happy Together” brought all six bands back on stage and the audience finally found their dancing shoes. Many of the thousand-plus audience members were already discussing plans to catch the 2016 tour as they filed out into the night. The tour couldn't be paid a higher compliment.

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